Chronic fatigue syndrome: the importance of vitamin and mineral therapy

If you still feel tired even after sleeping well and resting, it could be due to a medical condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome. This disease is characterized by increased fatigue, apathy, and a persistent feeling of loss of energy.

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome can be as follows:

  • long-term psychoemotional stress;
  • viral diseases, including Covid-19;
  • weakened immune system.

There are no specific pills for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors recommend adjusting the daily routine, a healthy diet, and vitamin complexes.

Pine nut oil enriched with pine resin is a natural solution for chronic fatigue syndrome, as it fights against the causes of the problem: stress, viral diseases, and a weakened immune system.

Pine nut oil with pine resin relieves stress

The effectiveness of pine nut oil with pine resin in reducing stress is primarily due to the content of B vitamins and magnesium. B vitamins are the most important vitamins for the functioning of the entire nervous system. They promote relaxation and help fight not only chronic fatigue syndrome, but also other serious illnesses, including depression. [1]

The effect of B vitamins is enhanced in combination with magnesium, which has a normalizing effect on the neurons of the cerebral cortex during emotional stress. Any stress (both emotional and physical) leads to intracellular magnesium deficiency, so it is very important to fill it on time.

In addition, pine nut oil with pine resin is rich in vitamin C that is directly related to the level of stress hormone in the adrenal glands, and vitamin D that helps the body to adapt to new conditions more easily and faster, and to respond to difficult situations easier. A number of monoterpenes found in pine resin also help reduce stress, improve sleep and mood. In particular, limonene and camphene have this effect.

Pine nut oil enriched with pine resin fights viral diseases

Viral diseases are one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. For the prevention of these diseases, a number of substances are needed. Most of them are contained in pine nut oil with pine resin. All of these substances also make viral infections easier to carry.

  • Succinic acid (contained in the pine resin) is part of most antiviral drugs;
  • Vitamin C in combination with vitamin E has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Vitamin A increases the barrier function of the mucous membranes;
  • Flavonoids from pine resin protect against any pathogenic organisms: viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Pine nut oil with pine resin supports and restores the immune system

Strong immunity is the best prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome. In cases where the syndrome has already appeared, it is important to restore the normal functioning of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems — all of these systems are responsible for the body’s response to adverse external influences.

Studies carried out at the Clinical and Experimental Lymphology Scientific Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have shown that the use of pine nut oil has a positive effect on organs that are involved in the body’s adaptation to pathogens and stress, in particular, on the thymus and adrenal glands. The trace element composition of Siberian pine nut oil has a powerful adaptogenic property. At the same time, the immunomodulatory efficacy of pine nut oil with resin, according to the research results, turned out to be comparable to the efficacy of the medicinal immunoactive drugs T-activin and Ridostin.

With following a daily regimen and consumption of pine nut oil enriched with resin, gradually vitality will be restored, sleep and performance will normalize, mood and clarity of thoughts will improve.


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[2] Jeff Holderness, Jodi F. Hedges, Katie Daughenbaugh, Emily Kimmel, Jill Graff, Brett Freedman, and Mark A. Jutila Response of γδ T cells to Plant-derived Tannins

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