How to deal with the consequences of a bad environment

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90% of the world’s population lives in areas where air pollution exceeds safety standards. Unfavorable environmental conditions lead to many disorders in the body and are a provoking factor for serious diseases, including cardiovascular and oncological.

You can protect yourself from unfavorable ecology by changing your habits and lifestyle: following a healthy diet, cleansing toxins from the body, and, if possible, changing your place of residence; for example, moving closer to nature. However, if it is still impossible for you to settle in a more ecologically safe area, you can protect your body in other ways. Let’s take a look at the options.

Choose organic products

Give preference to farm products, rather than what you can buy in the supermarket. So you can be sure that vegetables and fruits were grown without harmful fertilizers, in ecologically safe areas.

Processed foods can cause stomach problems — choose unprocessed, natural foods whenever possible. A good example is pine nut flakes, a source of essential amino acids. Unlike its substitutes, sports cocktails, pine nut flakes are unprocessed food that is much easier to digest.

Pay attention to how the product is made. Healthy vegetable oils must be cold pressed, otherwise they lose most of their benefits. The pine nut oil under “Siberian Pine Nut Oil” brand is cold pressed on wooden presses: this is the most environmentally friendly method that allows to preserve all the bio-active elements in the oil.

Do not neglect the detoxification

Harmful substances coming to us from the outside can be retained in the body. That is why the issue of detoxification has been so closely researched and discussed lately. When talking about the elimination of toxins, you need to understand the following:

  • Under normal conditions, the body itself copes with detoxification. Toxins are released with various secretions.
  • Many organs of the human body take part in the process of natural detoxification. A failure in one of them can lead to the accumulation of toxins.
  • That is why it is very important to provide comprehensive support to the body.

To ensure natural detoxification, it is necessary to give up bad habits, drink enough water, and, if possible, reduce the intake of medications (except for situations when they are prescribed by a doctor). Nutraceutical support is also important. Scientists have found that a complex of vitamins C, tocopherols and selenium is extremely effective for removing toxins. [1] These substances are found in pine nut oil.

Protect against PM2.5 particles

One of the most dangerous pollutants is PM2.5 microparticles. These particles are 30 times thinner than a human hair and are emitted when using diesel fuel and as a byproduct of chemical reactions between other harmful gases. When PM2.5 enters the body, it causes epigenetic changes in our cells. It can harm our health. Polluted air and other environmental factors influence the genes of the immune system. They turn them on or off and weaken our natural defense.

The best solution to avoid being damaged by PM2.5 particles is to move to an ecologically clean place. So the thought of moving to an eco-settlement is a well-grounded idea that is good for both the soul and the body. However, if for some reason you cannot change your place of residence right now, you can take advantage of a recent scientific discovery.

A group of scientists from China has found that a combination of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can protect the body from exposure to PM2.5 particles. The first experiments were carried out on animals, but in 2016-2017 the study was repeated in humans.

Ten volunteers first breathed clean air and took a placebo while the researchers measured their baseline health. The same volunteers then moved to breathe air with a high content of PM2.5 particles. At the same time, they received a daily high dose of B vitamins and folic acid, and then were tested again. It was found that taking vitamins for four weeks reduced the effect of PM2.5 particles on 10 different genes by 28-76%. Scientists have also found a similar reduction in harmful effects on mitochondrial DNA, the cell’s energy-producing element. [2] All the substances that were used in this study (vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid) are found in pine nut oil.

Thus, Siberian Pine Nut Oil products help to cope with several negative aspects of a bad environment at once: protect against P2.5 particles, assist in removing toxins, and enrich healthy diet.


[1] Moniruzzaman M, Lee S, Park Y, Min T, Bai SC. Evaluation of dietary selenium, vitamin C and E as the multi-antioxidants on the methylmercury intoxicated mice based on mercury bioaccumulation, antioxidant enzyme activity, lipid peroxidation and mitochondrial oxidative stress

[2] Zhong J, Trevisi L, Urch B, Lin X, et al. B-vitamin Supplementation Mitigates Effects of Fine Particles on Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction and Inflammation: A Pilot Human Intervention Trial.

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