Pine Nut Oil in capsules vs Extra Virgin Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil contains a large amount of useful nutrients: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. Not every form of consumption of pine nut oil contains all these nutrients. Pine nut oil in capsules undergoes heat treatment, as a result of which useful nutrients are destroyed or turn into harmful substances. Only extra virgin pine nut oil contains useful substances that are easily absorbed by the body.

What does «extra virgin» mean and why is this quality better than capsules?

Siberian Pine Nut Oil from our company is an extra virgin oil. This means that the oil is cold-pressed from raw, whole nuts of the highest quality. Cold pressing preserves all the beneficial properties of nutrients. When heated, the chemical structure of vitamins and minerals is destroyed, losing their useful qualities. [1]

The difference between extra virgin oil and oil in capsules is that heat is used to encapsulate the oil. It is necessary for gluing the two halves of the capsule. As a result, the oil contained in the capsule loses most of its positive properties. Vitamins are oxidized, and minerals turn into an indigestible form. Consuming oil in capsules, at best, you get ordinary salad oil that does not have any benefit. In some cases, such oil can be harmful.

Heat destroys polyunsaturated fatty acids

With any processing, the polyunsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils can be converted into harmful trans fats. Such processing can be both refining and heating: both of these effects occur during the production of pine nut oil in capsules. Trans fats are a dangerous form of unsaturated fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the dangerous effects of trans fats on the human body and recommends that manufacturers completely exclude them from the food composition, and consumers reduce their consumption of trans fats to 1% (2-3g) of the daily total energy intake.

Shelf life and storage of oil in capsules

Oil capsules are usually stored at room temperature, unlike extra virgin pine nut oil that is kept in the refrigerator at each stage of delivery. As a result, the oil in the capsules may turn rancid. If you swallow the capsules, you will not even know that you are consuming a spoiled product.

Extra virgin pine nut oil produced by our company has an exquisite delicious smell and taste that anyone can appreciate. Buying this oil, you can be sure that you get a fresh and healthy product.

The oil in capsules is not therapeutic

Therapeutic grade oils are oils that are harvested and produced with high quality raw materials and production methods in mind. These oils retain all the beneficial properties of the product from which they are produced. In the case of pine nut oil, this product is pine nuts. Only raw, extra virgin pine nut oil retains all the beneficial qualities of pine nuts. It is not heated during production, is stored for a long time in commercial freezers, and has a real aroma and taste of pine nuts.

Choose extra virgin, raw, cold pressed by wooden presses pine nut oil that retains all the beneficial elements contained in raw pine nuts!


[1] Ma L, Liu G, Cheng W, Liu X, Brennan C, Brennan MA, Liu H, Wang Q. The effect of heating on the formation of 4-hydroxy-2-hexenal and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in unsaturated vegetable oils: Evaluation of oxidation indicators.

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