Pine nut oil enriched with resin reviews

Treat the stomach (gastritis) and oral cavity

Our family uses pine nut oil enriched with pine resin to treat the stomach (gastritis) and oral cavity. Our stomachs began to ache less — the resin balsam had to be taken for a couple of weeks, but the stomatitis and gum problems generally disappeared immediately! The general state of our health became better, I feel hale and hearty, so the balsam works. When my brother was taking pine resin balsam, his whole family contracted a severe respiratory illness, but he did not get sick, even though he is the one who usually gets sick first and is sick for a long time. So the information about the prevention of colds has also proved to be true.

The Hamphrey family, Wisconsin

One of my most favorite cosmetics

At the moment, I have been using pine resin for cosmetic purposes for two months. I will describe how I use it, how I apply pine resin balsam, as well as describe my impressions: For the night, I lubricate the well-cleansed skin of my face with the balsam instead of cream. The balsam is not absorbed very well, so it is better to do this procedure two hours before going to sleep, if necessary, then rinse off the oil and apply a night cream. I prepare a face cream with the resin as a base. For this, I mix unrefined shea butter with the resin balsam and also add various other oils into the mixture: jojoba, argan oil, peach oil, apricot seed oil, grape seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, and others. It depends on what effect I need. Facial massage. This is a very pleasant procedure that you can do at home in front of a mirror. The main thing is to move along the massage lines and not to put strong pressure on the skin. After washing, I rub the balsam onto my scalp for two to three hours, sometimes with turnip oil, sometimes separately; for the oil to act better, it is best to heat it in water, then I rinse. I rub the resin balsam into the ends of my hair and add a few drops of jojoba oil. My hair stopped splitting. Anticellulite massage with pine resin balsam, you can add a few drops of essential oil of orange or lemon. This is the favorite remedy for an anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen and thighs. Summing up, I can tell you that pine resin balsam has become one of my most favorite cosmetics.

Paolina, Leeds UK

My daughter has become more cheerful and hearty

My daughter takes 10% pine resin balsam. She has diabetes mellitus, her blood sugar was 11 units, and after a month of taking resin balsam it is down to 8 units. Her general health has improved, my daughter has become more cheerful and hearty. She also uses resin balsam externally, as a cream for her face and hands. I see obvious improvements.

Julia Trager, 51 Birminham

I got heartburn less often, my stool became normal, my mouth became somehow fresher

I was buying oil with the Siberian Pine Nut Oil trademark and giving it as gifts. On the advice of a girlfriend, I bought oil enriched with 10% resin, there is also oil with 5% resin. I took one teaspoon for a month on an empty stomach in the morning, half a bottle is left. I noticed that I got heartburn less often, my stool became normal (I have a problem because of constant diets), my mouth became somehow fresher and more pleasant. Also, after a manicure, I use it to treat my cuticles, small wounds, and cat scratches. And then recently — sorry for the details — I was picking at a sore in my nose…I will tell you it was an unpleasant feeling, something had dried up inside, it was even terrible to breathe and to sneeze. I began to rub in some pine nut oil, everything cleared up in one day. Now I rub in on every pimple. Of course, I want to use it for cooking and in cosmetics, but it is a bit expensive.

Karen, 43 Louisville, MS USA

Each time I had less and less heartburn, now I do not have it at all

A few years ago I began to notice that I would get terrible heartburn after eating spicy food. At first, I bought various medicine at the drugstore, but the pain became stronger and stronger each time. I decided to use pine nut oil enriched with resin (10% pine resin balsam ). I took it for about two months — each time I had less and less heartburn, now I do not have it at all. I also notice that, when taking the balsam, it normalized my blood pressure to 120, and it used to be 150. I became more alive, cheerful, and focused, my mind feels light and bright.

James Miller, Montreal