Pine resin extract for the prevention of oral diseases

Pine nut oil enriched with pine resin has a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to which it effectively prevents the development of oral diseases: periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, and others. If the inflammatory process has already begun, resin extract will accelerate healing. The effectiveness of this natural remedy in the treatment of oral diseases has been proven by studies. Some scientists and doctors attribute this action of resin extract to a high concentration of terpenes [1], but other components of pine nut oil and pine resin also play an important role.

Pine nut oil enriched with pine resin contains a complex of nutrients with anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, and immunomodulatory effects, as well as those necessary for the health and integrity of the mucous membrane. Due to this, resin extract prevents the development of oral diseases.

Immunomodulatory action

The root cause of most inflammatory processes in the oral cavity is an imbalance of microflora. In the normal state, bacteria and other microorganisms that live on the teeth, tongue, and oral mucosa are harmless. However, with reduced immunity, the balance of microflora is disturbed, which leads to oral diseases. These diseases are one of the most common consequences of immunodeficiency. [2]

Resin extract is a source of the most important nutrients for immunity, including vitamin C, succinic acid, zinc, copper, and terpenes. Strong immunity maintains a healthy oral microflora and prevents the development of diseases.

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action

Terpenes, esters, and alcohols in the composition of pine resin have a disinfecting effect. Thus, they prevent the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. Unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids from pine nut oil, in turn, affect the activity of anti-inflammatory cytokines and signaling pathways, reducing inflammation. Experiments have shown that pine nut oil reduces swelling and inflammation even in severe thermal and chemical burns [3].

Benefits for mucous membranes

The oral cavity is covered with mucous membranes. Diseases develop if the integrity of the mucous membranes is damaged, and bacteria begin to multiply in the wound. Therefore, for the prevention of oral diseases, it is necessary to consume nutrients that are beneficial for the mucous membranes. This is primarily vitamin A, as well as B vitamins — all these nutrients are contained in resin extract.

For the prevention of oral diseases, take resin extract inside (1-2 teaspoons three times a day half an hour before meals) and use this remedy for rinsing after brushing your teeth.



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