Pine nut oil reviews

I was inclined to be skeptical, but the result pleasantly surprised me

I began taking the oil for therapeutic purposes about a month ago. Initially, I was inclined to be skeptical, I did not believe that it would cope with stomach disorders any better than the usual medicines. But the result pleasantly surprised me; after a week my stomach pains stopped, my heartburn disappeared, and the bloating of my stomach ended. It can be taken even if one has diabetes, which is very important for me. I recommend this remedy to people with similar problems.

Kaitlin King, 42 Pasadena, TX, USA

After two weeks I had practically gotten rid of the unpleasant symptoms

It’s been fifteen years since I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and for the past five years, I have been suffering from constant relapses. I almost had to have an operation. My friends advised to try pine nut oil. I decided that things couldn’t get any worse, and bought the product. As a result, after two weeks I had practically gotten rid of the unpleasant symptoms that accompanied my disorder. For the past six months, I don’t remember having any problems with digestion. I recommend this miracle substance to everyone who is personally familiar with similar problems.

Aline Briggs, 44 Irvine, CA, United States

Pine nuts reviews

Nuts help me to reduce appetite

I want to thank “Siberian Pine Nut Oil” for the wonderful pine nuts! I am not keen on nuts at all, but this is something unbelievable – awesome fresh taste! I have been eating them by handfuls for 2 days, and I can’t have enough, they are really delicious! In addition, nuts help reduce appetite, and for me, it is very important, because I am often on the road, hiking, and not always have the opportunity to eat normally. Thank you so much for your great attitude and such cool nuts. I will take more!

Eva, 27 Tampa, FL

Pine nut oil enriched with Resin Reviews

Treat the stomach (gastritis) and oral cavity

Our family uses pine nut oil enriched with pine resin to treat the stomach (gastritis) and oral cavity. Our stomachs began to ache less — the resin balsam had to be taken for a couple of weeks, but the stomatitis and gum problems generally disappeared immediately! The general state of our health became better, I feel hale and hearty, so the balsam works. When my brother was taking pine resin balsam, his whole family contracted a severe respiratory illness, but he did not get sick, even though he is the one who usually gets sick first and is sick for a long time. So the information about the prevention of colds has also proved to be true.

The Hamphrey family, Wisconsin

My daughter has become more cheerful and hearty

My daughter takes 10% pine resin balsam. She has diabetes mellitus, her blood sugar was 11 units, and after a month of taking resin balsam it is down to 8 units. Her general health has improved, my daughter has become more cheerful and hearty. She also uses resin balsam externally, as a cream for her face and hands. I see obvious improvements.

Julia Trager, 51 Birminham

Reviews Pine nut oil for Heartburn, Gastritis, and Ulcer

I see the results in my battle against my ulcer

Since 2015 I have been involved with natural methods of treatment, and over the course of many years have undergone training in dietology and phytotherapy. For a good number of years, I studied what could restore a person’s health, not simply maintain it or treat the person, but make a person completely healthy. I was especially interested in the influence of oil on the gastrointestinal tract because I had a stomach ulcer. I became acquainted with pine nut products in 2018, made a complete study of its chemical composition and all the research, and realized that this is a leader, this is an essential healer, that can replace a huge number of medications in a wide spectrum of diseases. Since 2018, I have been taking pine nut oil and pine nuts daily without fail, and I see the results in my battle against my ulcer. The symptoms have essentially decreased over the past year. I am 46 years old, I am glad that I found an alternative to expensive operations and drugs. Over the year of using the oil, I noticed that, as I take the oil, my body is able to restore itself. This does not, of course, occur instantaneously, but there is clearly a cumulative effect.

Augustine Mays, 53 Boise City, ID, United States

Pine nut oil in food reviews

Magical effects of pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is very easily digested. I have used it to garnish many salads and have even taken it by spoon. I have noticed that its health effects are striking. The oil has a pleasant pine flavor. It seems like you’re drinking liquid Siberian sunshine. It is very delicate and has the aroma of nuts. It is easy to drink, can be tasted in a salad, and enhances the taste of kasha. After even the first day of using the oil in food, I noticed a beneficial influence on my skin, after a week my hair became more silky, nourished, and flowing, and my lips did not dry out as quickly. I also feel that my body is really satiated: essential substances are being replenished, regeneration occurs faster, my face is becoming younger, my muscles are smoother, antioxidants are spreading throughout my body, and my skin absorbs moisturizing creams better. I could continue this list of the magical effects of pine nut oil on the body for a long time. I wish everyone health and success.

Christine, 35 Oberhausen Germany

I really like the taste of pine nut oil!

I really like the taste of pine nut oil! It is so rich and nutty that even a small amount of this oil is enough to feel the delicious taste of genuine fresh pine nuts in your mouth. When salads are seasoned with pine nut oil, they acquire a unique charm and taste.

Igor, Tallinn Estonia

Pine nut oil for hair Reviews

Unbelievably economical oil for hair

My favorite and unbelievably economical oil for hair! It’s great for smoothing my hair! I usually place several drops of the oil on dry or damp hair over its entire length, not pulling at the roots but paying special attention to the ends. I have frizzy and very porous hair, and five to seven drops — no more — is enough for all my hair! Usually, I separate my hair into fairly wide sections and apply one drop of oil to each section. I place the oil on my palm, spread it around, then apply it to my hair. Sometimes I put a few drops on a comb, then comb my hair. The oil is absorbed fairly quickly, in my case, in about 15 minutes. In general, the most important thing is not to use too much, so the hair won’t look greasy. For the first time, it is best to apply less and then judge for yourself.

Trish, Slovakia

Pine nut oil for skin reviews

Excellent for hand care

I apply cold-pressed pine nut oil to the skin of my hands and feet when I experience dryness or some other discomfort. Pine nut oil is also a great help in caring for nails and cuticles. I heard about the cosmetic properties of pine nut oil for the face as well, but it’s summer now, and I am wary about using these types of nutritional oils. I will say only that at different articles it’s said that the regular application of this oil is capable of making the skin smooth and elastic, which is not surprising, given that it has a high content of vitamin E. For the skin of my hands, this is truly an amazing product, it is excellent for hand care, it moistens and nourishes the skin. My skin feels very velvety and cared for, and the brittleness of my nails is at a minimum.

Christy Costanza, New York City, NY USA