Pine nuts reviews

Nuts help me to reduce appetite

I want to thank “Siberian Pine Nut Oil” for the wonderful pine nuts! I am not keen on nuts at all, but this is something unbelievable – awesome fresh taste! I have been eating them by handfuls for 2 days, and I can’t have enough, they are really delicious! In addition, nuts help reduce appetite, and for me, it is very important, because I am often on the road, hiking, and not always have the opportunity to eat normally. Thank you so much for your great attitude and such cool nuts. I will take more!

Eva, 27 Tampa, FL

We need more pine nuts

I bought pine nuts from you – in shell and unshelled. Quality is on top! They are delicious, clean and fresh! I thought 3 kilos would be enough for a long time, but no! In 2 weeks they finished and we need more. Thank you!

Larisa, 39 Oldenburg Germany

I eat the nuts at stressful times

The taste of pine nuts is specific. I did not immediately get used to them, but then appreciated their value. If there is an important matter that requires mental expenditures – pine nuts will help. You can give them to kids. I eat the nuts at stressful times when my energy is running low, but I need to work. I advise everyone to replace unhealthy processed food with pine nuts and you’ll gain only the benefits.

Suree, 33 Dallas city US