Pine nut oil enriched with Resin helps to avoid diabetes complications

Diabetes is called the 21st century non-infectious epidemic. 422 million people in the world suffer from it. This number is growing steadily. In addition, diabetes is increasingly common in children and adolescents.

Diabetes has many dangerous complications. When a person with this disease does not control and does not compensate for blood sugar levels, he may develop various cardiovascular diseases, including angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, as well as chronic renal failure. The risk of strokes is high. To avoid such consequences, it is very important for people with diabetes to monitor their health, regularly see a doctor, and choose the right diet with the necessary nutrients.

Pine nut oil with pine resin is an effective prevention of diabetes secondary diseases, since it helps to normalize metabolism and insulin production, and also prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Pine nut oil with pine resin affects insulin levels

Pine nut oil is a rich source of oleic acid, magnesium and lecithin, which contribute to the body’s production of insulin:

  • Oleic acid stimulates the release of glucagon-like peptide-1, a digestive hormone that increases insulin secretion in the pancreas. In addition, this acid helps control the health of the beta cells of the pancreas. Properly functioning beta cells produce C-peptide that helps prevent diabetes-related effects such as nerve damage. [1]
  • Lecithin and magnesium have a positive effect on the pancreas and beta cells by strengthening cell membranes.

Pine resin complements the effect of pine nut oil due to its high content of succinic acid and flavonoids.

  • Flavonoids are a group of polyphenols with proven hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic, and antioxidant effects. It has been proven that oxidative stress accompanies insulin deficiency or insulin resistance that are one of the essential components of complications for diabetes. Thus, due to their antioxidant action, flavonoids contribute to the body’s production of insulin. [2]
  • Succinic acid has an insulin-potentiating effect and lowers blood sugar.

Pine nut oil with pine resin normalizes metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight

Excess weight aggravates the course of diabetes. In addition, metabolic disorders are one of the prerequisites for the development of this disease.

Pine resin is rich in diterpenoids — substances that regulate cholesterol levels. It is extremely important for all metabolic processes. Pine nut oil contains several nutrients at once that are necessary to normalize metabolism and blood sugar levels:

  • Fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6, scyadonic acid) have a number of beneficial effects on body weight by increasing energy expenditure and reducing dietary energy intake. They improve blood and liver lipids and insulin sensitivity.
  • Antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E) play an important role in the normalization of metabolism. Thanks to vitamin A, insulin transports sugar from the blood to the cells faster. Vitamin C helps convert glucose into energy and affects metabolism. Vitamin E protects polyunsaturated fats that are involved in the formation of cell membranes and proteins that carry fats into the blood.

Pine nut oil with pine resin prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases

As we said above, one of the most serious complications of diabetes is diseases of the cardiovascular system. For their prevention and to maintain vascular health, a complex of vitamins and minerals is needed:

  • Pine nut oil contains potassium, selenium, magnesium, and vitamins E, and A that prevent damage to small blood vessels and the heart. They also play an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids have a similar effect.
    It has been proven that consumption of at least 5-10% of energy from omega-6-polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. [3]
  • Pine resin is a source of terpenes (monoterpene compounds and diterpenoids). They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and thin the blood, have an antioxidant effect, lower blood pressure, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Thus, pine nut oil with pine resin has a complex effect, preventing the development of complications of diabetes mellitus. It is also effective in preventing this disease.


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