The centuries-old history of the Siberian pine

Siberian pine is an amazing tree. The healing properties of it have been known since ancient times. Many centuries ago the inhabitants of Siberia paid attention to the pine because it is resistant, reaches the age of 400-800 years, and is able to heal many diseases. In those days, this feature of the pine did not find scientific explanations: people simply understood that this tree is full of positive energy. They planted whole sacred groves of pines. It was believed that prayer to a pine relieves the evil eye — that is, in fact, means any negative changes in health and any weakness. Barren women who dreamed of a child also turned to this tree. Various gifts were brought to the sacred groves. There is historical evidence that sacrifices took place here.

Hermits and shamans who settled near the groves explained the incredible properties of the pine by its ability to accumulate energy and knowledge. Over the long years that the tree has been growing, it collects age-old wisdom, and it is ready to share with people.

Products made from Siberian pine have the same ancient history as the tree itself. From the roots and branches of a pine, the Slavs carved amulets and created wooden dishes. In those days, dishes were endowed with the same deep personal meaning as pendants and amulets: for example, the Slavs took spoons made of pine or other trees everywhere. With these spoons people went both to visit neighbors and on long journeys.

Everything that was known to the inhabitants of Siberia back in the VIII-IX centuries, found a scientific basis for a long time later. Scientists have studied the composition of Siberian pine and confirmed that not only wood, oil, resin, and nuts have healing powers. Even the air in pine groves can heal and bring clarity of mind! This air contains a high concentration of phytoncides.

Phytoncides are biologically active substances that inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens that can harm trees. Phytoncides play one of the main roles in plant immunity.

The most important fact is that phytoncides have the same effect on the human body! Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids contained in pine nuts also transfer their healing properties to pine nut oil and pine nut flakes. Preserving the benefits given from Nature is possible only when producing pine nut oil by cold pressing in wooden presses. This is how we create our products.

Today, any person on Earth can touch the miraculous power of the Siberian pine, use it for the benefit of their health and for the peace of mind, or give it to a loved one.

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