Pine nut flakes strengthen the body’s defenses

Winter is the time for the spread of infectious diseases. At the end of the year, many people experience a lack of energy and chronic fatigue. By adding pine nut flakes to your diet, you help your body during this difficult period. Pine nut flakes comprehensively strengthen the body’s defenses: they strengthen the immune system, provide additional energy for increased physical exertion and overcoming psychological stress, and also help to eliminate pathogens from the body: viruses, bacteria, and toxins.


The immunomodulatory properties of pine nut flakes are associated with the following components:

  • Zinc compensates for the lack of cortisol, a hormone whose deficiency often leads to malfunctions in the immune system. In addition, it directly affects leukocytes – the main immune cells. [1]
  • Riboflavin plays a critical role in the formation of red blood cells, components of the immune system.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids are involved in the formation of adipocytes. When an infection is detected in the body, these cells release their reserves into the blood. Stem cells absorb fatty acids and begin to extract energy from them, while actively dividing. As a result, the level of white blood cells in the blood rises, and the body successfully copes with the infection.[2] In addition, a recent study has proven the effect of fatty acids on the epigenetic regulation of innate immune memory.[3]


Pine nut flakes are rich in essential and non-essential amino acids. In terms of their content, it surpasses even pine nuts, and the protein composition of pine nut flakes is as close as possible to that recommended by WHO. [4] The increase in energy levels is associated with several mechanisms in which amino acids are involved:

  • They are involved in the production of glucose (e.g. alanine). Glucose is the main source of energy for the human body.
  • They supply the muscles with energy during increased physical exertion. Pine nut flakes contain all three amino acids from the BCAA triad, often used by professional athletes: leucine, valine, and isoleucine.


The following nutrients in the composition of pine nut flakes are responsible for removing toxins from the body:

  • Niacin improves blood filtration through the lymphatic system: this vitamin dilates small blood vessels and has a positive effect on microcirculation.
  • Proteins (amino acids) have a binding function: they bind toxins and contribute to their natural excretion from the body.
  • Dietary fiber improves gastrointestinal motility and heals the intestinal microflora.[5] It is a healthy microflora that is the key to the timely removal of toxins from the body.

So, pine nut flakes strengthen the body’s defenses at the cellular level: it helps to increase energy levels, remove pathogens, and successfully fight infections.


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