Pine nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn for the prevention of early aging

Aging is a natural process that affects all organs, tissues and functions of the body. For each person, the rate of aging is individual, it depends on many factors: hereditary predisposition, lifestyle, place of residence. Scientists have also shown that the rate of aging is directly related to the characteristics of metabolism: the accumulation of free radicals, nutrient deficiencies, and the negative effects of excess glucose (the so-called “cross-linking theory”). The rate of division of telomeres, special sections of DNA, also has an impact on the rate of aging.

Pine nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn contains nutrients that help fight oxidative stress, positively affect metabolism, prevent the development of age-related diseases, and affect the rate of aging at the genetic level.

Free radical accumulation and oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, metabolic by-products. Since free radicals stimulate various biochemical processes (cell life cycle, participation in the immune system), their presence in the body at a certain level is necessary. But in the event that the balance is disturbed, oxidative stress causes accelerated aging of the body. [1] This is expressed in the loss of skin firmness and elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, oxidative stress is one of the causes of the development of numerous age-related diseases: atherosclerosis, skin cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, and immune system disorders.

In order to avoid the accumulation of free radicals, the body needs special antioxidant nutrients. First of all, these are three vitamins: A, C, and E. Pine nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn is the source of all these vitamins. Pure pine nut oil is rich in vitamins A and E. However, the maximum effect in the fight against oxidative stress can be achieved by taking pine nut oil with sea buckthorn: sea buckthorn surpasses even citrus fruits in vitamin C content.

Genetic level: division of telomeres

Telomeres are parts of DNA that shorten with each cell division. Scientists have found that the length of telomeres, which depends on the rate of their division, directly affects the rate of aging of the body. [2] The rate of telomere division depends on genetic predisposition and is a hereditary factor. However, certain nutrients can affect telomere length. Research has proven that this requires a diet rich in carotenoids, polyphenols, and omega-3s.[3] All these nutrients are found in pine nut oil and sea buckthorn.

In addition, pine nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn:

  • has a positive effect on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates;
  • stimulates the production of glucagon-like peptide-1 that has a positive impact on glucose level.
    Both of these factors are also closely related to the rate of human aging.

Regular intake of pine nut oil enriched with sea buckthorn helps you stay beautiful, healthy, and active at any age.


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