Pine resin extract for joint diseases

Pine nut oil enriched with pine resin is a valuable natural resource that has been used in medicine for centuries. It has unique properties and is an effective remedy with anti-inflammatory action.

Pine resin extract is able to heal complex wounds and restore tissues at the cellular level. This allows it to be used both for external use to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and internal use to achieve a complex effect in joint diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, and gout.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Resin extract has a therapeutic effect on affected joints, penetrating deep into the tissues, and promoting their recovery. The unique complex of biologically active substances contained in resin extract helps to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and relieve pain[1].

One of the key components of pine resin extract that provide its healing properties are its harcinic substances. These chemical compounds have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. They help prevent the development of infections in the wound, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the natural healing of the skin

Also, essential oils contained in resin extract have powerful antiseptic properties. They contribute to the destruction of pathogens that can cause infection and delay the healing process of wounds. Thanks to these essential oils, pine resin extract forms a protective layer on the surface of the wound, preventing the penetration of bacteria and infection.

Pine resin extract is an aid in tissue repair
Vitamins B and B6, as well as vitamin C, contained in resin extract, contribute to the activation of cellular metabolism and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, which accelerates the process of wound healing and restoration of damaged skin[2].

Flavonoids contained in pine resin extract romote vasoconstriction and reduce capillary permeability, which helps to reduce swelling and improve blood supply to damaged tissue[3]. In addition, flavonoids have antioxidant properties that help protect cells from free radical damage and stimulate skin regeneration.

The use of pine nut oil enriched with pine resin for joint diseases gives visible results after a few weeks of regular use. It helps to reduce pain, improve joint mobility, and reduce inflammation.

Use pine resin extract opically or internally having previously consulted and calculated the optimal amount of this remedy for the body with your doctor.



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