Pine Nut Oil Reviews, Reviews

The cheap oils are no comparison

For me, this is the number one remedy for good health. I have been using it for more than ten years. I take it internally in autumn and spring, one bottle per course of treatment. I take it to prevent diseases and as a source of vitamins, and it is simply delicious. By the way, it should be taken with a wooden or plastic spoon, never with metal, otherwise the wholesome properties of the oil are lost because of the process of oxidation. You can even sip the oil from the bottle.

I have compared the pine nut oil from Siberian Pine Nut Oil with other manufacturers (looking for a cheaper option), but in general, the cheap oils are no comparison. It is better to buy and use regular oil than the cheaper one. Buy the way, I even bought cold-pressed oil from acquaintances, they make it themselves on a wooden press. But the nuts are store-bought. This, however, is oil from the Siberian pine nut. Apparently, this makes a big difference. The aroma is simply incredible. And the taste is delicate, warm, and soft. I took oil during my entire pregnancy because it is a source of group B vitamins, and they are important during this period. My hair during this period did not fall out at all. There was no particular toxicosis. Overall, I felt good. I think that it was thanks to the pine nut oil. This product helped cure my friend’s stomach ulcer.

Scarlett, 39, Chicago, IL, USA