Pine Nut Oil Reviews, Reviews

Simply liquid gold for my hair

I have thin, dry, and very frizzy hair, which requires special care. I constantly moisten and nourish my hair with natural masks; I really like hair masks, since they do a wonderful job of moistening and nourishing the hair, and help prevent the appearance of split ends, which is a big problem, especially for those who dream of growing long, healthy hair, myself included.

And pine nut oil is my new wonderful helper in caring for my hair — it is simply liquid gold. I slightly warm up a bit of oil in some water, apply it to my scalp, massage it in, then distribute it over the entire length of my hair, paying special attention to the ends, since they require special nutrition and moistening. I put my hair into a loose braid and leave it for one to two hours. Sometimes, if time permits, I leave it for five to six hours.

Demetria Mickelson, Dallas, TX, USA