How to use pine nut oil for varicose veins?

Varicose veins are swelling of the veins of the legs, which occurs when the venous valves are weakened and blood circulation is disturbed. As a result, the legs swell, and veins are visible under the skin. But this disease concerns not only the appearance of the legs. In fact, varicose veins are quite dangerous and can lead to complications: the occurrence of blood clots and trophic ulcers.

The external and internal use of pine nut oil reduces the symptoms of varicose veins and prevents complications, since it has a vasodilating and anti-inflammatory effect, and also thins the blood.

Why is pine nut oil effective for varicose veins?

The effectiveness of pine nut oil in varicose veins is due to its three properties:

  • Vasodilator. Thiamine, tocopherol, retinol, nicotinic acid, and folic acid are useful for blood vessels. [1] All of these nutrients are found in pine nut oil. Due to its rich composition, pine nut oil strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents their narrowing, including due to the formation of cholesterol plaques.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Pine nut oil is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.[2] By reducing the degree of inflammation, pine nut oil eliminates most of the manifestations of varicose veins, from swelling to the development of trophic ulcers.
  • Anticoagulant. Some components of pine nut oil are anticoagulants: they inhibit the activity of coagulation hemostasis and prevent the formation of blood clots. Thus, pine nut oil improves blood flow. The antithrombotic effect of pine nut oil reduces the risk of complications.

Another important property of pine nut oil is the improvement of metabolism. Pinolenic acid is known for suppressing hunger and speeding up satiety when eating. Thus, pine nut oil helps to prevent one of the root causes of varicose veins, excess weight. By regularly taking pine nut oil, you can maintain an optimal weight and avoid the development of metabolic syndrome.

How to use pine nut oil for varicose veins?

Taking pine nut oil inside is effective both for the prevention of varicose veins, and in the event that the disease has already manifested itself. Take one teaspoon of pine nut oil three times a day, 15 minutes before meals.

To relieve the symptoms of the disease, you can also apply pine nut oil externally. Apply a few drops of the oil to the skin and rub it in with massage movements. Avoid pressure on the skin, especially in areas where there are swollen veins. You can also add pine nut oil (1 tablespoon) to a warm bath.

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